Art Talks with Jim Pilston

Art Talks with Jim Pilston


Jim Pilston is an artist who creates sculptures out of mixed media recycled rubbish and paper mache.

In his talk he shows us some of his many inspirations and explains the heavy influence of folklore in his work. He also discusses materials, technique and the practical elements of his sculptures.

Photos included below the video

Paper Mache Workshop

Basic Recipe

I.25 Cups of paper pulp, sueezed to damp but not sopping wet

1 cup of Powder pollyfilla

.75 Cup of PVA Glue

.50cup of Corn flour or similar

I dessert spoon of teak oil or similar

Mix and apply to about  1 cm deep for each layer, alllow to dry between layers.

Its not an exact sience and add more if to dry/runny etc, however exact you are each batch seems to be diffent in workability/ speed of hardening.

Dont worry, Im sure it will be fine

When dry, and if you want a smooth finish  sand roughly with 40 g sand paper, apply 50/50 pva/water to seal, allow to dry, then smooth a  filler mix, either pre mixed or  self mix powder pollyfilla .

When  that filler is 3/4 dry its a good idea to smooth with a wet sponge or finger to save long sanding  processes

After it is dry use whatever sand paper you need to get the sommothness you require, you may need to repeat this filling and sanding proess untill youre happy.

When you have got the effect you want  wash over  with   the PVA and water again to seal and prime it   I add a bit of colour emulsion to this mix so Ican see what the finish looks like, where there may be rough areas.

Paint as required, I use emulsion paints, but the surface will take most  paints, oils, gloss, watercolour etc

When dry i give it a spray with a  matt laquer, but any varnish would be ok.

Email me if you have questions, or wish to share  triumphs or disasters.

For other recipes and inspiration there is an american artist called Jonni Goode at and her site is an amazing resource with recipes and tutorials etc.