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    Neil Juggins


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  • I hate this bit. The bit where you have to tell the world how brilliant you are. How world beating. How successful.
    The bit where you describe how you’re a lens based artist or an award winning visual storyteller.
    Well here goes..
    I’m a photographer and have been since falling in love with this genre of the arts at the age of 15. Not a goes goes by without me picking up a camera and documenting what I see.
    I’ve been based in Glastonbury for the last couple of years. I finally packed up my bags and left London after 30 years of searching for those streets paved with gold.
    I’ve photographed loads of amazing people, places and things and was fortunate to have had images on display at many of the prestigious London photographic galleries, National newspapers, magazines, book covers etc. I’m pleased to say that since moving to the South West I continue to do so.
    My photographic work is constantly evolving and I hope it continues to be engaging.

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  • 07971 527980