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    Simon Williams

    Photography, Printmaking

  • About this artist
  • Simon Williams – an artist-photographer looking to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary. Currently I am exploring how to do this with the old (but now resurgent) technology of dark-room photography using paper negatives in a 100-year-old camera. These materials and technologies help create images that reveal aspects of landscape, people and objects that would otherwise be unseen.

    The speed and ease with which we can now take photographs is amazing – but in the haste we can lose the pleasure and mindfulness that a slower form of the process can offer. Taking a stand against the relentless drive for ever more MEGA-images that are becoming more “real” than reality, this work celebrates the imperfections of a more basic process. With no batteries or micro-chips these cameras can be used to create evocative images that invite the viewer into them. Pristinely clear images from our modern cameras and phones can be scanned, appraised – re-tweeted or ignored and then forgotten, but an image that draws you to explore, think, imagine – can create and deposit something of value in us, that will last.

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  • 07403407054