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    Digital media, Other

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  • Originally from the Bridgend Area of South Wales. I moved to Saudi Arabia at the age of One with my family. After 10 years in the Middle East we decided to move back to a village in Somerset named Cheddar in the United Kingdom as I started my educational years.

    After finishing school and gaining GCSEs in Art and Graphic Design I enrolled in the BTEC national diploma course at Strode College, in Somerset, studying the same subjects. This was were my ideas and inspirations first truly started to develop and my creativity found a true outlet.

    Once I finished College, I moved to the City of Bristol and started a job as a Machine Embroiderer and part-time screen printer for a company called APC Workwear. At my time with in this business I started creating my own apparel designs and also helped out at my friends brand shop, named Seven, on the well respected Park Street in central Bristol.

    In 2013 after many years of designing and testing new ideas with different materials and apparel I created my own clothing brand which went by the name Amor T-shirts, later on changing to Amor Clothing Company LTD. My main role within the brand was all the branding, design work and screen printing, but, after 6 years of operation the decision to close the doors on that chapter of my life was made.

    I now reside in a small village on the outskirts of Bridgend and have started creating more detailed images with a wider colour palette, less limitations on demography or print specifications and using my life experiences as my source of inspiration.

    I hope you enjoy!

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  • 07379210110