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    Sue Willis Designs

    Drawing, Textile

  • About this artist
  • Sue Willis is a self taught artist specialising in intricate pen and ink drawings and silk painting. Sue takes her inspiration from the natural world and patterns seen in nature. Often producing mandalas, Sue also creates fantastical creatures and scenes. ‘I love the meditative nature of mandalas and repeated forms, and really enjoy creating detailed pictures using the beauty of the natural world I see around me. In contrast, the fluidity of silk painting brings vibrant colour and unpredictable results to my work’.
    Sue lives in Frome with her family and cat. When not drawing Sue will be camping or running her children’s charity.

  • Contact this artist

  • 07548 959490

Bees - silk painting

Cat emerging - pen and ink drawing

Dragon - pen and ink drawing

Seahorse - silk painting light box

Eletopia - pen and ink drawing

The Hare and the Tortoise - silk painting

Butterfly Leaf - silk painting

Hummingbird - pen and ink drawing

Man-O-War Jellyfish - pen and ink drawing

All Things Blue - pen and ink and watercolour