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    Tabitha Kozlowska


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  • Ever since the invention of the camera, making figurative, ‘realistic’ paintings no longer needs to be the priority of any painter. What is really important now is to create images that cannot exist in any other form but painting. 
    I take inspiration from various sources in my work, particularly Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. I use painting to express my dreams, ideas, and imaginary worlds, interwoven with impressions of objects and people in the real world, and often making links to literature and ancient mythology. I am particularly interested in abstract painting, because it gives the viewer the opportunity to draw their own conclusions from my work. I believe that an abstract painting is universal, anyone with an open mind can find meaning in it, while too obvious a subject can act as a barrier between the viewer and the significance the art. I aim to simply create an atmosphere with a painting, a space which people can explore. What really brings the painting into being are the numerous ideas, meanings and references that each person who sees the work finds within it, each one bringing more depth and complexity to the story of the piece.

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  • 07930160657

Embryonic Journey

In the Land of Grey and Pink. 1

In the Land of Grey and Pink. 2

In the Land of Grey and Pink. 3

In the Land of Grey and Pink. 4