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    rosie temple

    Audio visual, Digital media, Film making, Mixed media, Painting, Performance, Photography, Other

  • Pegasus Collective
  • rosietemple
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  • rosie temple is a local Glastonbury digital artist, painter, poet and photographer, and a singer with the duo Snow White and Rosie and the Avalonian Free State Choir. She is a volunteer member of The Pegasus Collective, a not for profit voluntary organization who put on low cost large and small events locally to do with the Nine Muses of Pegasus.

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Happy Days
Not for Sale

Pegasus Series 1

jenny bliss

Maasai Warrior
Not for sale

Pegasus Series 2

Cosmic Arrow

Pegasus Series 3

The Split; Eavis, Frink and the Chalice

Sun Mandala

Sometimes You Have To Walk Away (Butleigh Ridge)