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    Paul Hughes

    Craft, Drawing, Painting

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  • Paul is an artist/Musician living in Street, Somerset having moved to the west country around 16years ago. He was born in West London and has spent time living in Cananda and the Western isles but feels somewhat settled in Somerset with his wife and kids. He is happiest when outdoors and thats where you'll find him most of the time. When indoors he'll be playing his piano and painting as he says these are the real source of therapy in his life that help offset the pressure and claustrophobia of life. Music started at the age of 4/5years old with a Spanish visitor to his parents house teaching him Moonlight Sonata during his 2 week stay. Art however almost came along by accident with the birth of his daughter Rosie. He thought it might be nice to challenge himself and come up with a truly personal way of marking parenthood so painted a kids picture of Glastonbury and surrounding countryside, animals and rainbows etc and just kept painting. At the moment Paul is on a kind of Aboriginal/psychedelic phase induced most likely from past enjoyments during the music years.
    Paul is extremely hyperactive and spontaneous and says he rarely has any idea of what he's going to paint or create and that from one dot the journey starts. Here is some of his work. Enjoy and have a gooden

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