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    Cara Maccallum-Hills

    3d/Sculpture, Painting, Other

  • @cmharomaticaromaticsolutions
  • About this artist
  • I have been working in the arts and as a practicing artist for over 25 years - having completed my Masters degree in fine arts, majoring in ceramics.
    I love the texture of clay. Being able to mould and shape ideas into concrete objects excites me. Drawing and mark-making are a constant part of my life, expressing emotions and the world around me is vital to my life.
    I recently moved to the UK from South Africa and am living in Somerset, where I am busy building up a new body of work inspired by my experiences as an aromatherapist and apothecary. Combining my love of essential oils with clay seemed the most natural progression in this new body of work, which focus's on functional objects such as my #loveyourself soap dishes which hold the range of soaps I have been making.

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  • 07748356228
  • Gaunts Barn
    Gaunts Lane

#Loveyourself (I)
GBP 25

#Loveyourself (II)
GBP 25

#Loveyourself (III)
GBP 25

#Loveyourself (IV)
GBP 25

#Loveyourself (V)
GBP 30

#Loveyourself (VI)
GBP 28

#Loveyourself (VII)
GBP 30

#Loveyourself (VIII)
GBP 25