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    Katrin Eve

    Craft, Mixed media, Textile

  • katrin_jayne_wall_art
  • About this artist
  • After studying Textiles & Fashion and working in the fashion industry years ago.... I’m going back to my roots and my love of yarn and textiles.
    So I started producing some Textile Wall/Ceiling Hangings using natural yarns and some brights but these then evolved into ribbons sewn together, old denim jeans cut up into strips and stitched together and then woven around natural
    hazel branches; some large and chunky and some thin, delicate branches; some stripped of their bark and oiled with Danish oil and some left natural. The branches themselves are beautiful and the hangings look gorgeous rotating from the ceiling or wall hung. They aren’t too heavy and come in varying sizes: small, medium and large and they are all reversible.

    I’m making more and each one is evolving with new ideas as they come to me. I’ve got a plastic beach waste ideas, others with chunky natural yarns, some really vivid vibrant yarn and some naturally dyed fabric ones.

    I only use Instagram as my creative platform @katrin_jayne_wall_art and prefer to sell via galleries to help support the arts world.

  • Contact this artist

  • 07990 576909
  • 5 Knapp Hill Close
    South Horrington
    BA5 3HX

Medium Yarn hanging - Au Naturel

Medium Yarn hanging - Green Fields

Medium Textile hanging - Denim

Small Yarn hanging - Aztec Blue

Mini Yarn hanging - Au Naturel

Large Textile Hanging - Jean Genie

Large Textile hanging - Ribbon delights