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    Andreea Bradu

    Applied Arts, Mixed media, Painting

  • Andreea Bradu
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  • Andreea has always been inspired and enchanted by the exquisite beauty and heart stirring, incredible intelligence of our Mother Nature and the archetypal world of human expression.
    In her art practice, she uses a combination of abstract expressionism style as a symbol of deep, subconscious perception of the world and each piece represents major reflections on a specific theme. Her work evokes a state of contemplation of the Universe, a way of recharging and of capturing universal and vital energies.
    Each painting/ collage is a Unique Alchemical Healing Recipe, that brings together imagery, sacred symbols, flowers and plants and diverse, rare and carefully chosen exquisite perfumes, medicinal herbs, condiments and healing powders that she gathers from all over the world and mixes together at potent times in the seasonal and astrological year.
    Andreea’s art breathes and radiates her deep love and close connection with the natural world from a perspective of emotional, sensual, intuitive and mystical experience and her creations look as if they are living and growing somewhere in Nature.

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  • Glastonbury

September Dream
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A Peaceful Sleep Together
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Exquisite Beauty
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He is Owl the Owl is Him
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Mama Africa
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Available on Website