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    Steve Hubback


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  • Percussionist. Gong maker. Cymbal smith and metal sculptor.

    Lived through the 80's as a drummer and percussionist. Led own group It's My Head from 1985. Performed with Danish chamber group Atlantis Transit and toured DDR with Dietmar Diesner in 1988. Concerts in many countries as a soloist and was signed with Dossier Records in Berlin in 1985.

    In 1990 in Scandinavia started learning metal craft as a gong maker and cymbal smith. Invented and pioneered cymbal and gong sculptures in the mid 90's and began creating large steel sculptures for outdoor installation. Forged the worlds biggest gong in Aarhus in 1992. Exhibitions in Denmark. Norway. Germany and Netherlands. Began the group Metal Moves to perform exclusively on his sculptures and instruments of his invention and creation to perform original music.
    1 month exhibition of sculptures at Aften Gallery in Aarhus in 1995. Toured South Korea with Lim Dong Chang's World is One Ensemble in 1996.
    Many recordings and concerts through the 90's into the 2000's. Founding member of Icelandic ritual atmospheric group Jord Bifast. Founded Recreator with Dutch DJ Nick Le Beat and sax player Theo Travis (Steve Wilson and Soft Machine) Played in Kortrijk Percussion Project with Dirk Wachtelaer and Trevor Taylor. Exhibition of sculptures and gongs at Red Biddy Gallery in Shalford in 2005. Various artworks exhibited in Galleries in Reykjavik.

    Created a garden of sound sculptures at Coed Hills in South Wales in 2006. Steve was the first drummer to play live on The Large Hot Pipe Organ in Birmingham and Amsterdam in 2008 - playing electric drum pads to trigger the sound explosions. 2009 and 2010 Installed mobile sculptures at Beltine Festival in Czech Republic.
    in 2009 was invited to work with Celtic harpist Nadia Birkenstock and later toured as The Glow Within performing concerts and festivals in Spain. France. Italy. Germany. Austria. Belgium and Czech Republic. Member of the Prague based group Freetime with George Haslam. since 2011.
    From 2016 exhibited sculptures at +3Arte in Nova Gaia in Portugal.

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Mobile. Forged stainless steel.

Detail of Mobile 2021

Mobile 2021 Forged stainless steel.

16" Forged bronze Om Gong