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    Craig Peter Jackson


  • Craig Peter Jackson
  • Craig.peter.jackson
  • About this artist
  • Craig Peter Jackson expresses his artwork through the abstract form, considering his work to be absract expressionist.

    Inspired by nature, geometry, the mystery, and the experience of life, he seeks to convey the unknown, the impossible, that which we cannot define. What do you see ?

    By feeling into what it is he wants to create, something natural is born, sometimes preconceived with a specific intention, sometimes completely improvised. Often the canvas itself is his palette, and he actively creates and re-creates as an experiential creatorship.

    I am discovering myself, through the creative process. Each one of us is a creator, and I seek to express the embodiment of my humanity, reflected thorugh my artwork.

    By leaving the interpretation open to the viewer, each individual receives their own experience, a question, something to be considered, felt, hopefully leaving a suggestibility. Something undefined which does not fixate the viewer into an already existing concept. An open interpretation is what I consider necessary for self discovery.

    I am a human being, continually rediscovering myself. I see art as a means for self expression, self exploration, and individual discovery.

    All of my artworks are painted in oil, my preferred medium, painted on canvas, board, and more recently reclaimed wood, as a natural evolution.

    I invite you to consider this creativity, your experience is your experience and nobody can take that away from you. I do not consider there to be a right or wrong when interpreting a piece of art. For me art is a question.

    What does it speak to you ?

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  • 07496067242
  • The Cottage
    Peak Lane
    Compton Dundon
    TA11 6PE