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    Lucy Davie

    Digital media, Drawing, Mixed media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking

  • ___juicyart___
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  • My work encapsulates the feeling of a sudden change regarding socialisation. Through this I have explored the old and new habits and rituals gained and lost by many throughout the recent lockdowns. Some of the subject matter is a cynical outlook on on the mundane habits developed.

    The focus in the mandala series is on objects and actions, drawing in elements of sub cultures including club, rave and British drinking culture. Most of my work is digitally drawn, printed and then collaged using found and collected items, or screen printed by hand.

    Phenomenology is a return to lived experience. This work evokes feelings of past memories, the recycled rituals and objects. Phenomenological theory is the ethos of the detail, it is in the physical aesthetic, the concept and the experience in viewing it. Regarding the mandala series it evokes past memory and emotion from gatherings.

    Juxtaposition in my work has become a permanent feature between subject matter in the mandalas; usually depicted as a pure and spiritual tool to establish a sacred space in a religious sense, it has created an open perception on the concept.

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