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    Vita Sunter


  • About this artist
  • Bad Diva is the working name of Somerset based multi-disciplined artist Vita Lillias Sunter.

    Whilst working in a range of media - drawing, painting, digital media, and 3D arts - her passions are for print-making and metalwork.

    Vita’s work predominantly explores themes of female empowerment, sex positivity, and the reversal or subversion of traditional gender roles - always delivered with a playful, humorous twist!

    Expanding on these themes, Vita’s interest lies in the portrayal of women in art and popular culture throughout the ages - particularly in Western/Eurocentric societies - and how the wider cultural norms (and taboos) shape these portrayals; and by extension, how they impact on the expectations and treatment of women.

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  • 07552467717
  • Rockaway Park
    East Court Road
    Temple Cloud
    BS39 5BU

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