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    Philip McMullen


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  • Born 1955 in Splott, Cardiff, Wales UK. 3 years in art college then dropped out 😬 but then a career in Mental Health nursing beckoned. in the late 90s I was ordained into the Anglican Church. Now a Free Church minister.

    My recent work is about recounting and recovering memories. But it isn’t just a nostalgic trip. Rather I am exploring so much more than I knew at the times of youth. This is a kind of life integration but based on a broader understanding of these times, which began in the early postwar years, through the 60s and 70s. I hope they also tip a hat of thanksgiving to those whose love and friendship I have been privileged to know. The pictures touch so many things, but I trust they are never ungrateful to others who have travelled beside me nor to God who has seen me through the many joyous and troubled times.

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  • 07542343338
  • 17 Derwendeg Avenue
    Cefn Fforest

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Only Visiting This Planet.

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