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    Jamie Condon


  • @jamiecondonartist
  • @jamie.condon69art
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  • My name is Jamie Condon. I am a full time artist, living and painting in Somerset.
    I am predominantly a fine artist, entirely self taught, and acrylic on canvas is my preferred medium, I favour acrylics for their vivid colours and fast drying properties.
    “I’m always so excited to see what you are going to paint next!” I hear this a lot from people who enjoy the eclectic nature of my work. I like to keep things moving artistically, always painting instinctively in whichever direction feels right, changing subject matter and styles to release the image in my head onto the canvas, while still producing a piece of work that is recognisably mine.
    I have had a considerable number of solo exhibitions in the last few years and I am looking forward to exhibiting new work, created during recent lockdowns due to the global Covid pandemic.
    Enjoy looking!

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  • 07810302119

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Blue Afternoon

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