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    Georgina King

    Drawing, Mixed media, Painting, Printmaking

  • @georginaking_art
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  • Georgina King Art - MA Fine Art & Printmaking 2015

    Like the unruly landscapes in which I immerse myself, my work has broken out from the more traditional constructs and weaves together multidisciplinary and experimental practices and processes to better convey the mysteries and wonders of our existence on Earth.

    Inspired by the extraordinary Somerset Jurassic coastline, ancient woods and eerie moorlands, I work on site and across media in a fluid and organic way, creating experimental techniques as my primary and direct response to place. I walk and drift, immersing myself in an embodied experience of place as it unfolds, gathering and weaving my encounters, the elements and site material into my work through alchemical processes. My layering of medium, process and narrative echoes the dynamic processes and simultaneous stories that make up the landscape.

    During a transitional period of my life I became involved in the ‘dreadscape’ of Hinkley nuclear power station - a place of uneasy tension, flickering with power and latent violence and the dissolving boundaries of Steart marshlands - a landscape of loss, dread, renewal and hope. As I walked and worked in these landscapes, a mutual healing began to take place. My purpose now is to open up and re-enchant these fascinating portals through my creative processes.

    I draw on Animism, Mythogeography, ancient shamanic practices, ritual and ceremony in landscape, deep mapping, meditative drawing and a channeling of all that is magic and unseen.

    I have have exhibited in London and Somerset.

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  • 07723072940