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    Melissa Artemis Shemanna

    Applied Arts, Painting

  • About this artist
  • Melissa Artemis Shemanna is an Australian visionary artist, gallery & festival arts curator, who created The Honeybee Temple Arts Embassy Foundation in 2018. Recently, Melissa has taken her newest series of paintings to Europe and the UK on an international sojourn and painters pilgrimage. 
    Originally self/family taught in painting and drawing, she has also had significant mentors that have shaped her practice all of which spring from the lineage of Ernst Fuchs (Vienna/ Mischtechnik), including Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, Wolfgang Widmosa. Also a 6 yr sculptural mentorship with Bruno Torfs of the Marysville Sculpture Garden. Shemanna's paintings evoke an emotionally rich & saturated experience through colour, luminosity and an evolutionary enquiry into deeper human and cosmological intelligence. Her works seem to contrast surreal imagery of organic form with mythic symbology, often referencing ancient esoteric wisdom and sacred texts, futuristic technology and hyper-colour lenses with a raw visionary edge. Shemanna’s use of old masters techniques with pure hand-made pigments, egg tempera and local ochres collected from the rural environment where she lives. The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation, is a community arts pollinator which acts as a mycelium network for innovating multi dimensional creative communities. Melissa's paintings can be found in private Art collections in Australia, Romania, USA, Bali, Hawaii, Netherlands and Italy.

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  • 109 Moora Rd
    Mt Toolbewong
    VIC 3777 Australia

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