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    Galitta Tassa

    Painting, Performance

  • About this artist
  • I am a healer, creator and life coach using my Four Voices™ method to help transform old pain into joy and creative expression which is based on shamanic principles and the creative and healing arts.

    I am a certified practitioner of Theta Healing, Reiki and Reconnective Healing and since 2005 have practiced Sound Healing, Shamanism and worked with EFT and Byron Katie's working techniques.

    As a creative, I am a singer/songwriter and a writer who teaches creative and automatic writing, intuitive painting, chanting and bodywork with voice.

    My tribal heritage, rich artistic range and entrepreneurial drive have led me to create performances, and lead hundreds of events and workshops across Europe, inspiring countless people to find their voice and live conscious lives.

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  • 0642501987
  • Langestraat 27, 1506 XE Zaandam , The Netherlands