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    Adam Clutterbuck


  • About this artist
  • My highly creative and individual approach has earned me recognition and key opportunities, including prestigious awards, international sales, corporate installations and major high street representation.

    I am equally fascinated by the natural and built environment, and often find myself on the fringe of where these meet. I seek bold compositions that enhance my subjects and try to reduce distractions, often achieved using long exposure techniques.

  • Contact this artist

  • 07866455968
  • Bishops Mead, Webbington Road
    Compton Bishop
    BS26 2ER

Nether Wood - Gruffy Pool

Nether Wood - Dead Above

Nether Wood - Winter Pool

Nether Wood - Pond Reflected

Uphill I Triptych

Uphill II Triptych


Dungeness Boat

Westbury White Horse

Cracked Serpentine Triptych