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    Elisabetta Paola Castellaneta

    3d/Sculpture, Applied Arts, Drawing, Painting

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  • Visual artist and Nature Therapy guide. She loves nature very deeply and wishes to inspire others to feel this connection.
    Of Italian origins, born in an artistic family, she likes artin all its forms since always. Her favourite art techniques are sculpture, painting and drawing. She travels the world since 2012, and have been in contact with different cultures, landscapes, people. Her art is influenced by what she sees and feels. With her artworks she wishes to inspire people like a gentle wind...bringing scents of nature, freedom, gentleness, childhood, heart, spirit and wildness.

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Ireen - terracotta cold painted

Ordyl - terracotta cold painted

Feeling with the forest - acrylic on paper
2300 £

Together - acrylic on paper

Young redwood - watercolor pastel on paper

Like the sun and the moon - watercolor pastel on paper

My dear friends - acrylic on wood

Down the rabbit hole - pastel on paper

Una mattina - acrylic on wood