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    Alesia Yeremeyeva


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  • Alesia Yeremeyeva is a marine artist based in Dorset, born in Eastern Europe. A passion for art was developed from a very young age. Starting with pencils and paper, Alesia evolved her artistic journey over time into oil painting. Graduate from Belorussian State University, she has worked from her home studio in recent years to create intricate seascapes, which have been welcomed worldwide. Mainly self-taught, the artist creates her oil paintings, using either a quick alla prima method or a traditional multi-layered technique.

    Being fascinated by water in all its forms, Alesia draws inspiration from daily atmospheric seascapes, ranging from crashing waves and stormy skies to cloudless bright sunny days where sunlight reflects on the sea's surface and refracts in crystal-clear waters.

    Through her paintings the artist aims to evoke in the viewer feelings similar to her own.
    No thoughts. Only emotions. Only feelings.

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Boisterous Tide

Stormy Evening

My Happy Place


Hypnosis of the Ocean

Under the Mexican Sky

Summer Memories

Always on My Mind

Tide of Tiger Eye

Underwater Sunset