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    Rosa Laguna


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  • I am an artist graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Seville in 2012 and a professional tattooist since 2013, currently working in Samsara Ink (Weston-super-Mare). I have taken part in group and solo exhibitions in Spain like Taifas de Morón (Morón de la Frontera, Seville, 2012) and contributed to publications with illustrations, book covers and essays.

    My current artistic work expresses the diverse reflections and perceptual shifts that have occupied my mind in recent years. My life, work and art have all evolved in the seven years that I have been living in the United Kingdom. During the time I have been fascinated with people’s relationships to the divine or spiritual, and the impact of this on daily behaviours and spiritual beliefs and practices. Juxtaposed with this I see conscious and unconscious relationships expressed as personalities and masks of the divine and the mundane, of Gods and monsters, reflected as in a prismatic mirror through different planes. Likewise the use of the names of divinity to manipulate others; entities using people as their avatars to deliver messages, synchronicities manifesting in any time or place.

    As I have already mentioned, I do not live in my homeland, so the fact of survival and memory deeply infuses my work. Both in the mundane and in the spiritual, we disguise and adapt to survive, the cults are absorbed and the Gods and myths are syncretized but the essence is always older and you can taste the nostalgia of what once was and what will never be.

    The graphic language I use is mainly ritual paraphernalia and religious imagery and Andalusian folklore, as well as pieces found in the treasure of the Carambolo or other excavations, but also belonging to other places in the world such as the Uruk Mask. My own magical and spiritual life serve as a model to represent all these ideas on board, paper and canvas.

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