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    Artist Dotty

    3d/Sculpture, Digital media, Film making, Installation, Painting

  • Matt Wistler
  • @artistdotty
  • @mattwhistler
  • Matt Whistler
  • About this artist
  • Hold three world records on a self-propelled push scooter.
    Make comedy and art through my filmmaking.
    Enjoy the challenge of creeping my way through the art world, whilst still being a comedian.
    Showcased my digital robot art in a flagship hotel in Manhattan.
    Once turned a parrot into a national celebrity overnight.
    Internet sensation (just type into Google, Matt Whistler, Bird is The Word.
    Often invent new characters as performance art,that work their way into my movie shorts.
    Screened at BAFTA cinemas.
    Recently dotted a locomotive in West Pennard.
    Charlie Chaplin often appears in my dreams, with a baton.

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  • 07858595273
  • No fixed abode
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Several pieces