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    Helen Bruce

    Craft, Drawing, Mixed media, Painting, Performance, Other

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  • Helen Bruce is a pencil and watercolour artist specialising in fantasy and folklore art. Inspired by the stories passed down through generations, she has been researching British folklore for over fifteen years, and strives to deliver new interpretations of ancient stories through her art. Bold lines and a sense of movement and emotion mark out her work, leaving the viewer with the feeling that they have been shown only a fleeting glimpse of a far greater story.

    She has completed illustrations for Indie Shaman magazine and Touchstone magazine, as well as illustrating a field guide to faeries for Happening History, who provide workshops for English Heritage. Previous art exhibitions include ‘Mythology and Y Mabinogion’ at Glastonbury Galleries, as well as displays at Weald Country Park and Cressing Temple Barns. Currently, she is working on an illustrated guide to black dogs and faerie hounds of Britain, with fellow artist Haz John-Taylor.

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  • 07769310184

Arawn Commands his Hounds


Gabriel at Wistman's Wood

Owain at the Egg Stone

Wisht Hound


Black Shuck