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    Ina Whistler

    Drawing, Mixed media, Painting

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  • Hello my name is Ina,

    My art is based around nature, illustration and painting and my take on those themes, I’m Autistic I don’t have just one creative dedication, i don’t use just one medium, I’m self taught after dropping out of Uni because of my Autism and deciding to create in a way that wasn’t taught, it was experimental, learning by mistakes and it works perfectly for me.

    My style is my own.
    Everything to do with my art has meant the last 30 years have been dedicated to learning my craft, to the point I’m happily sharing my work, I like to illustrate using a wood burning pen, pyrography, I love using wood to paint on and burn to create unique pieces of art from how I see the world.

    Wood is a favourite canvas or medium to use it depicts my art well and I enjoy the results. My work is very detailed and there are little surprises hiding everywhere, I like people to be mesmerised by my art, I also like to work on big canvases but keeping the detail to scale, I love the abundance that nature gives to the imagination, you will always find me painting, drawing or in nature hugging a tree somewhere, it is who I am.

    I hope you enjoy my art,

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  • 7788950392