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    Ingrid Gammage

    Mixed media

  • About this artist
  • My compositions derive from a mindful state and suggests a combination of life and meditation where there is no immediacy of where we’ve been, where we’re going but where we are right now. I often find reality unbearable and chaotic and only from withdrawing from life can i let ideas happen through transforming the world i see around myself. Reinventing it, envisaging it and transforming the world around me Redefining it by reducing it and passing it through apps and different media. There is a power of connectivness to nature and organic shapes. I always work from images of landscapes and nature and use my spiritual eye to penetrate through the landscape to create the vast landscape of my dreams. My work is constantly evolving although circles remain a coherant motif to symbolize life and absorption of the essence and spirit of the outside world juxtaposed with my inner world.

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  • 07452974738