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    Jo Hudson

    Mixed media

  • About this artist
  • I'm a part-time artist, working in Collage and Mixed Media.

    I live and work in Cheddar, Somerset, although I am originally from the North of England.

    I love the freedom of expression and flexibility of Collage, limited only by imagination and with no rules to follow, it suits a stream of consciousness approach to creating.

    I'm influenced by Surrealism, Pop Art and Graphic Design amongst other things.

    My work ranges from Surreal to Silly, from Pop Art to Political, often with a dash of dark humour thrown in.

    I also make assemblage with found objects.

    I have had my work included in several collage publications and I have a piece in the prestigious Kanyer Art Collection in the USA.

    You can find me on Instagram ( @jo_collage ) and Facebook (Jo Collage)

    I am represented by Atherton Green Art in Hampshire.

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