Project Description

Aga Kubish

Born in Poland, Aga Kubish is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, and currently lives in North Somerset. A fine artist and illustrator, her unique and easily recognisable style can be described as both botanical and architectural. Aga specialises in traditional ink drawings as well as raster illustrations and vector graphics using iPads.

Aga’s methods are traditional, using the style of old engravings and dotwork (also known as pointillism) as well as the hatching technique, which involves creating many lines and dots in black or brown ink over hundreds of hours. Aga lists her influences as Albrecht Durer, Hokusai Katsushika and Alphonse Mucha, and her favourite subjects as “plants and architecture, specifically England landscapes, sea monsters and old buildings.” “Octopus in the House” is definitely one of her more notable pieces.