Project Description

Caroline Le Vine

Born and bred in the South West of England, Caroline Le Vine spent most of her life working in jobs entirely unconnected to art. Training to be a psychotherapist reignited her interest in the arts—she began to design and make textile pieces, then wire sculpture, then paintings. Even after moving from three dimensional to two dimensional representation, texture remains of paramount importance in Caroline’s art.

Caroline considers herself self-taught and describes her painting style as abstract expressionist and non-representational. Her medium is acrylics on canvas and board with some mixed media such as collage woven through. Caroline says that understanding and unraveling the psyche is an evident theme in her pieces. Similar to psychotherapy, her artwork involves bringing the unconscious into the light, oftentimes rejecting the rational through trusting the process. In her own words, “A lot of my work suggests the emergence of something hidden. I try not to think too much about what I’m doing when I paint. I believe it is an act of radicalism and rebellion—diverging from the prevailing narrative—to rely on something other than my intellect as I work. Because I rarely have a plan before I begin, every piece of work is an exploration; many are a battle. All try to reveal something of the human experience.”