Project Description

Emma Housley

Emma Housley is a professional artist and Somerset local who studied art in Cyprus, receiving a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art. She has exhibited in Bridgwater, Street, Frome and Bristol, and was awarded a bursary for emerging artists by Somerset Art Works.

Dominated by pinks and turquoise, Emma calls the vivid colour in her pieces a Mediterranean palette, inspired by the seasides of France and her beloved Cyprus. She describes her work as abstract, romantic and intuitive. Nostalgic, sensual recollections like swimming, or the feeling of being lost, inspire her paintings. “My current method involves making densely layered, vivid, often large abstract works which play with vibrant colour and sometimes verge on garish. I love paintings to look like and explosion of joy and creativity.” She says that though she works quickly, it can take her days to finish a piece because she layers, scratches and rubs out what she did previously—she wants the tension of the process to be evident in the finished product.