Project Description

Frances Watts

Primarily a landscape painter, Frances Watts’ colourscapes bring the Somerset countryside to life. Frances is based in Castle Cary and paints primarily while physically outdoors, not from memory or from photography. The fact that Frances is a plein air painter influences both her method and the final outcome. She has to paint quickly and be ready to react to environmental changes such as ominous weather or the disappearance of the sun. Frances explains, “the act of painting itself is a gestural, physical process—particularly when under time pressure! It is also a sensory experience, as a plein air painter can feel and react to the weather as it moves and changes, whilst experiencing the sounds and fragrances of the landscape at the same time.“

Working in oils, Frances uses a palette knife or large brush both to respond to changing conditions, working quickly, and to add texture. She achieved a BA in Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art in London and has also worked as an illustrator.