Project Description

Gail Reid

Based in Bristol, born in Oxford and shaped by Dubai, Gail Reid brings real life representation to the Heart of the Tribe. Her style is representational yet thematically challenging; for instance, she created a series of works comparing cockroaches and prawns, very similar creatures in structure yet capable of eliciting very different reactions from the human observer. Likewise, in celebrating the imperfect anatomy of the human body, Gail advocates for the increased inclusion of ageing and unconventional bodies in life modelling.

Gail draws inspiration from sources as diverse as still life and social media, and favours realism and technical craft in her art. She works primarily with pencil, oil, pen & wash, or relief print, and cites Albrecht Durer, John Singer Sargent, Chagall, Rachel Milne, Jenny Saville and Lucian Freud as her influences.

“They say that an artist is never happier than when you give them constraints. Having an outlet, whether it’s an art fair or a gallery or a private commission, it does give you that kind of constraint. Or a challenge, it may be a challenge. I like just exploring these sorts of things, it’s a curiosity thing.”