Project Description

Monika Miller

Originally from Poland, Monika Miller graduated with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her paintings and large scale drawings have been celebrated internationally with prestigious awards and curated exhibitions.

Monika’s art captures the human figure, but only after she undertakes the process of understanding its essence. She is intrigued by moments, impressions, expressions, all of which while transient illuminate the human condition. A snapshot of a multitude of seconds, in a way. Monika explains, “my art is an attempt at capturing sensitivity, intensification of the human shape, finding crispness in image, expressing in one movement a whole range of feelings. According to Degas even a flash of one gesture allows to decipher the secret speech of the world and find the truth.” She says that form is ultimately a synthesis of the human condition, and celebrates its universality by exploring her own feelings through her artistic output.