Project Description

Sarah Page

Sarah Page studied Printed Textile Design at Leeds Arts University, which is where she discovered her love for geometric shapes. While Sarah is still relatively new to Glastonbury, its influence is beginning to show. Tor and “evil eye” motifs are common in her work, and she reports having been inspired by the geometry and structure of Glastonbury Abbey. “I am constantly inspired by the beauty of the countryside, the history of the area, the eclectic community spirit and the magical goings-ons here,” explains Sarah.

Like many of the Heart of the Tribe family, Sarah has an interest in sacred geometry— rational, universal mathematic designs—and uses it in her work. The sacred image that shows up most often is the mandala. In Sanskrit a mandala is simply a circle, or circular picture, but classically these images represent oneness of spirit and form, and are believed to have healing properties. Certainly Sarah’s pieces integrate complex shapes into balanced creations, beautifully saturated in rich tones of indigo, yellow and purple.