Project Description


Honest and authentic, Wil I Om is a self-taught artist who works with a very unique medium: coffee. His coffee art came about quite organically while sketching at vegan restaurants in Birmingham and Glastonbury. Wil started drawing again to work through his depression, remembering the animals and cartoon characters he once drew as a child. He felt inspired to pay homage to a fox he had seen in the woods that day. Coffee was the only available, yet perfect, medium.

Wil believes strongly that “creative self expression is a necessary tool through depression,” and celebrates when his art encourages others as much as it has helped him. He calls his work “peaces of art” because of the calm that both the process and the finished product inspire. Wil shares his gratitude for the creatures he portrays—amongst them we see mice, lions, hedgehogs, elephants, hares and stags. Perhaps they are spirit animals, appearing when we need them, helping us along the way.