Beauty & Truth Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Beauty & Truth Upcoming Solo Exhibition

UPDATE; We will be hosting this exhibition again in the summer of 2021

This exhibition will be viewable online in our interactive gallery from thursday 5th November.

Full gallery brochure with photos and all details and info about each painting available to order from our shop

Heart of The Tribe Gallery in Glastonbury is announcing their first solo exhibition, Beauty & Truth, showcasing the work of Jon Minshull.

A Glastonbury based painter, Minshull is inspired by mythology, geometry, science and nature; he aspires to make beautiful and intriguing images that uplift and inspire. Running from November 4th to December 1st, this exhibition brings together new and old works from Minshull, including exquisite landscapes, impressionist nudes and symbolist pieces with compositions reminiscent of the baroque period.

Jon has a profound relationship with the town of Glastonbury and spends his time split between the town and his other home in the jungles of Costa Rica. Already well-known for his stunning murals which adorn the Goddess Hall, the Glastonbury Experience and the Glastonbury Information Centre, Jon draws much inspiration from the energy of Glastonbury and the landscapes of Southwest England. As one of the artists who has worked on-site at the gallery, he epitomises the communitarian and collective spirit that exists at Heart of the Tribe.

Seeing a connection between science and the mystery of consciousness, Jon explains, “I’ve got an overwhelming sense that everything is a manifestation of divine consciousness. I believe that consciousness is the fundamental, and everything in the universe is manifested from that. The complexity and beauty of physical evolution is an expression of that consciousness; enlightenment is when we get to the point of understanding that as a beautiful illusion.” Jon describes his style range as realist, impressionist and symbolist. Drawing inspiration from the the Renaissance, Baroque and Victorian periods, he cites Velázquez, Klimt, Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent and the Symbolists of the Belle Époque as his influences.

There will be a private viewing held on Wednesday the 4th November between 7-8pm.

The Gallery is open 11.00-17.00 daily, closed Wednesdays.

Out of hours viewing is available by appointment. Contact

To see a selection of the work that will be on display please visit


Heart of The Tribe is a new Gallery in Glastonbury town centre that opened their doors for the first time on august the 31st 2020 with their group exhibition ‘Diversity’ which showcased the work of their 20 core artists, all of whom are Somerset based. The gallery will offer regular exhibitions, events and workshops, open to the public, with the goal of making art locally available and accessible. There is a strong emphasis on supporting personal and professional development within the creative community. The Heart of the Tribe’s emphasis on community extends to the virtual as well as the physical, as they are offering a free online platform to promote artists and craftspeople. For more information visit the website or contact gallery manager Kim von Coels.

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