Leonard Green - Abstract Artist "Art has to come from somewhere" When did you first think of yourself as an artist? The reason for my initial interest in art was a bit dubious, I had a friend at
Art Talks with Lottie Delamain at Heart of The Tribe Gallery, 17th July 2022 "Lottie was invited unseen- all our other speakers / artists I knew them or their work prior to inviting them. One of the
Gail is an exceptionally talented artist who can turn her hand to many mediums, subject matters and challenges. Her art practice involves study from life, whether it be people or objects and recently she came
  Heart of The Tribe is delighted to have begun a collaboration with Strode Theatre & Cinema in Street. On Wednesday 15 th June, Gallery Manager, Andy Ralston installed work from Core Artists Frank Harwood and
Art Talks at Heart of The Tribe Gallery, 4th June 2022 Frank has taught and lectured in the past so his talk was very relaxed and confident. The audience immediately started asking questions as he moved
SWC is a platform that celebrates artists, designers and curators within the South West. SWC not only aims to build a creative community within the Somerset region but looks to connect the dots between those
Kim von Coels is a world renowned light painting photographer who has exhibited in Germany, Portugal and the UK. Having spent most of her life experimenting with various art forms, photography has been a constant.
Last week we were proud to host a collection of 2 hour portraits by Diana Milstein. Local artist and creator of the popular character Ms Smith, Diana Milstein celebrated her 70th birthday by painting 100 of
On Saturday the 14th of May we were host to a night of film, music and performance. Tóxica is a sensory experience of expanded cinema- or art cinema, created, produced and directed by multicultural artists. The short