Installation Art, an introductory workshop with Melanie Thompson

Installation Art, an introductory workshop with Melanie Thompson

What is installation art ? a workshop with Melanie Thompson
October 3rd. 10.30 – 4.30
Heart of The Tribe Event space and outside.

Despite the torrential rain we had a super creative and productive day. Due to Covid numbers were restricted but that meant even more space to create work in and outside the event space by Workshop participants.

“Because of Covid I have not taught since January (a workshop based in London
So I was feeling  a little nervous about this day workshop and my first time teaching at the gallery.
Unlike fine art workshops, contemporary art teaching is not just about sharing specific skills, but also about a different way of thinking in terms of personal preparation and process.
Each workshop I teach starts with creating an atmosphere of focus, attention and trust between me and the participants. Then we look at the context (examples of work and history of the art practice  )  using video and discussion to support. Then through the rest of the day, using participants direct experiences and practice, I share these 4  strategies below  ( ways in ) to begin to, hands on, create  installation work.

1. Understanding how to create the right environment to have an idea and inspiration.

2. Learning how their process is unique to them and to follow their feelings as well as ‘the idea’

3. Learning specific techniques and questions to ask in relation to decisions about materials to use / use of space and the role of the viewer in the work.

4. The leader offering  advice on composition – how to edit and manipulate materials and meaning !

At the end of the day I want participants to feel  inspired and more confident in their own practice and to feel that discovering new perspectives In making work can help them challenge old habits and consider different ways of creating art.

This particular workshop was a joy because there was a great support between participants and 100 % concentration which meant that even though everybody was pretty tired by the end of the day there was a real  shared sense of  achievement.”

Melanie Thompson




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“Melanie Thompson Workshops are suitable for anyone looking to explore themselves either creatively, artistically or for therapeutic expression. While it’s not a therapy workshop working with the arts and developing your own self expression is. If you are just looking to explore your own creativity at any level, or if you are an arts practitioner, a therapist, or an artist from any discipline such as theatre, dance, movement, painting and sculpting in all its forms then Melanie will work with you so that you can personally benefit from and take something away with you from this workshop. It’s an amazing process and it sparked so many ideas in me. I’ll definitely be signing up for the next one!” Participant Review.