Light Painting Photo Booth with Kim von Coels

Light Painting Photo Booth with Kim von Coels

To coincide with her exhibition ‘The Colour of Light’ Kim set up a temporary Photobooth in our workshop space and invited participants along to book a space and experience the magic of light painting.

Light painting is a form of long exposure photography, using hand held light sources, with all effects achieved in camera. With her vast selection of specialist light painting tools and a bit of imagination she created a variety of exciting images.

Each session was designed around the individual, based on images and techniques they liked.

Some of our favourites are featured below;


Samala – Stencil Portrait



Zander & Aj – creative lunacy


Jolene – movement


Ria – goddess


Bruce – experimenting with different tools

Joy as Kali


To see more of Kim’s light painting work visit her instagram page; @krumblecreations