Megan Players “Art Talks”

Megan Players “Art Talks”

We recently started off our new season of artists talks, we were very excited to have Devon based Artist Megan Players come and have an open discussion with Core Artist and Art Talks curator and host Melanie Thompson.

Last year Megan created an installation at the Zig Zag building in Glastonbury called ‘Re-Emergence’. It was a truly wonderous and very immersive experience. The entire space was alive with over 500 of Megan’s 5 minute life studies, studies of anyone and everyone. As you walked through the huge body of work, you immersed yourself further into this free roaming maze of characters. People from all walks of society, brought to life in this beautiful study of humanity.


Being incredibly moved and inspired by this exhibition, Melanie created a short 15minute film about the work. The film shows us around parts of the exhibition, features interviews with Megan and also gave us a glimpse of Megan while at work, painting her expressive, colourful and dynamic life studies in the exhibition space.

The talk that took place 13th March 2022 was an opportunity for our guests to hear all about Megan’s thought processes behind the exhibition and her works. The Talk also gave audiences the chance to ask questions and view Melanie’s short film.

This event certainly started our Art Talks series off with a bang, we are pleased to announce that there shall be a free Art Talk taking place monthly at the gallery, with a whole host of guests from a variety of creative fields coming to talk about their practice.

Please check our events and exhibitions page to find out more.

You can watch the recording of the Art Talk and Melanie film on our youtube channel here:

And this short film about the installation here;