‘Memories’ Frank Harwood solo exhibition

‘Memories’ Frank Harwood solo exhibition


Today we launch Frank Harwoods first solo exhibition ‘ Memories’. A collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings with an uplifting, friendly vibe. Bright and quirky, with a sense of nostalgia. As our friend Neil Juggins says “His work has a quintessential English oddness with a human touch”.

The work was exceptionally well received at last nights private view, at which we shared conversations about our favourite pieces over a glass of wine in the garden.

“I really love this work. Frank Harwood has captured the memories of all of us, whether British or not (I of course grew up in South Africa), right down to the Dandy comic book that I remember reading as a child.
The seaside and childhood scenes in particular resonate with me and so much of it just feels familiar and warm.
Congratulations to all at Heart of The Tribe for putting together this bright exhibition, and of course to Frank Harwood for the depth of his insight and quality of his touch. He has really captured something of the collective unconscious.” – Alan Clark


Frank has a unique and distinctive style which is instantly recognisable. Both his use of colour and brushstrokes are bold and playful. Inspired by source images that inspire a collective nostalgia, his paintings hint at a larger and often humorous narrative. Frank describes his work as using “a simple comic style,” with bold lines, repeated patterns, flat space and vibrant colours. None of the paintings are autobiographical, but they do explore his past and memories. They are reflections on personal experiences using a variety of contemporary cultural references. Clearly shared cultural images have a deep resonance across all social and age groups.

“I’m fascinated by half remembered tastes, smells, people, shared experiences, the strangeness of the grown-up world. Whilst I originally painted for my own pleasure, I have been surprised by the number of people who have felt a personal connection with the pictures.” – Frank


The exhibition will run until the 28th of June, and for those of you who can’t make it here in person please take a look around the virtual tour.

Open daily between 11.00-17.00 (closed Wednesdays)

For out of hours viewings please contact kim@heartofthetribe.com


Frank is also painting a large mural sponsored by the gallery as part of the Glastonbury Mural Trail on St. Ben’s Close. It will feature his modern take on Adam & Eve and the public are invited to view its progress.

You can view a video of a short interview with Frank talking about his mural and his work by clicking HERE