Sara Trenchard

Sara Trenchard

Sara Trenchard lives and works in Glastonbury, Somerset. Having trained at the Bath Academy of Art and at the City and Guilds Art School in London she has painted all her life, and taken part in many local exhibitions and sold work to numerous private collectors.

In 1998-2001 she trained as an illustrator at the Somerset College of Art and Technology and has extensive experience working in a wide range of media, to create pieces for both private clients and public commissions. She has a passion for strong compositions, bold colours and off-the-wall ideas, often choosing unconventional subject matter.

As a child she spent some time on a boat with her family and with nothing else to do she would spend her evenings painting and drawing. Her work tended to comprise of lots of patterns, pirates, mermaids and smugglers. She remembers painting the sand in wiggles, with no attempts of realism. She painted narrative, and stories and throughout her life has continued to create paintings concerned with time and the sequence of events with picture plains that are deliberately flattened out, and an underlying need to turn everything into patterns. She remembers being heavily inspired by a room full of Indian Miniture’s at the V & A, especially the arrangement of colours and patterns and the disregard of perspective.

For Sara, Art plays a huge part in her mental wellbeing and often turns to painting when she is feeling down. Nowadays Sara enjoys travelling with her partner in their camper van, creating sketches on her journeys which become new paintings upon her return.