Ammonite Bottle (tricolour revisited)


By Eddie Daughton

Unique hand crafted Ceramic Bottle








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“This bottle form is made using a cast of an ammonite taken from an ammonite discovered by a friend near Lyme Regis.. The original cast was recast a couple of times to reduce it to a manageable size (to allow me to get it into my kiln)..
The concepts underlying the set of ideas that inform this piece come out of a lifelong fascination with deep history, plus an interest in geology from my experiments into Bronze Age metallurgy..


Ammonites are seen as a very powerful healing fossil and are often used in the activation of Kundalini energy.


The plait comes from my embeddedness in the history of Eire., I see the bottle as containing the spirit of a landscape (lots of concepts here “drunken Irishman” “ the craic” “Guiness” “Jamesons” etc etc, as well as the traditional residence of the Geni (not too big a jump to “Genius Loci” I hope). The plait thereby both supports the bottle (often from the saddle, should you be able to afford a horse) as well as ties it to its owner. The material of which the plait is made is waxed linen thread from Eire, in three colours, Green, White, and Gold.. These are NOT the colour of the Irish flag, which is Green, White, and Orange (these colours are the way they are to symbolise:

Green; the colour of the Catholic Nationalist flag, the colour of the Shamrock, and the 40 shades of which colour the green hills of Eireann

Orange: The colour of the Protestant Irish, many of whom fought against the Nationalists, the colour of the Dutch King of England, William of Orange, and all they represent

White; the colour of the peace that has been allowed to grow between the sides, as Eire is allowed to walk its own path in freedom and mutual respect.

Except, as the son of an Irish Immigrant, whose family were Nationalist to the very core, whose father at the age of
10 was avoiding the Black and Tans, and grew up in the townlands of Listowel , where Lt.Col Bryce Ferguson Smyth, gave his horrifying speech. I choose to use a different tradition.

The colour that I choose is the gold, for the harp that was at the center of the Nationalist flag that fought the
British, that symbolises the poetry, the music, the art that stands at the very centre of ALL cultures, and is now undergoing such global threat again from those who presume to rule our souls anew.”

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