Dead Or Alive



masonry paint & pen on board





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These are for inside, on small sticks or not / for your desk / a plant pot / above your bed.

Banner can be picked up ready assembled from gallery.


Viral texts by Melanie Thompson

These texts are hand written by the artist as a response to the lockdown. Each board is unique and embracing irregularities.

Each board can be a placard of any height or free standing.

Each board is painted with masonry paint so they can be outside as well as inside.

The idea is that the words are fighting to get out of the meaning, that they are held in by the limits of the board.

They each have  their own  voice.

The artist can offer her texts but also is happy to have a conversation with the buyer using texts they write themselves.


Viral texts project.

In March this year as a response to the lockdown I decided to create a mini exhibition in my front garden as there was no where to exhibit. Each week of lockdown I created and put up a new large banner, each banner was a response to the feelings and thoughts that I encountered that week. Each text started with the letter I, but I hoped that passers by would feel it was them also speaking. I now have 11 boards fighting to be heard in the garden.

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