Marble Meditation


Artist Michael Lanigan

Carrara marble on burr oak base.

38 x 23 x 20 cms


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Michael Lanigan is a self-taught sculptor with a passion for carving stone, marble being his favourite by far.

“I was fortunate to have been able to carve marble in Pietrasanta, Tuscany and in the cloisters of the medieval monastery on St Elena in Venice; a surreal experience.

I love the feel of the stone as I work, using hand tools only. The rhythmic sound of mallet on chisel and the slowly emerging sculpture give me so much pleasure; pure therapy. Occasionally I’ve no idea what I’m about to create when I have a piece of stone before me and I’m quite likely to change direction for the better, in my opinion, as the sculpture emerges.

I work in a small outdoor studio at home in Somerset; there are few places I’d rather be”

The original marble block of this particular piece was brought home from Pietrasanta, Tuscany (where Michelangelo found his marble) via EasyJet hand luggage. It weighed almost 30kgs.

Weight20 kg
Dimensions38 × 23 × 20 cm
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