The Meaning of Life, The Universe but Not Everything


Artist Michael Lanigan

Hamstone on Portland stone on Hamstone base.

100 x 22.2 x 21.5 cms


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Michael Lanigan is a self-taught sculptor with a passion for carving stone.

“I was fortunate to have been able to carve marble in Pietrasanta, Tuscany and in the cloisters of the medieval monastery on St Elena in Venice; a surreal experience.

I love the feel of the stone as I work, using hand tools only. The rhythmic sound of mallet on chisel and the slowly emerging sculpture give me so much pleasure; pure therapy. Occasionally I’ve no idea what I’m about to create when I have a piece of stone before me and I’m quite likely to change direction for the better, in my opinion, as the sculpture emerges.

I work in a small outdoor studio at home in Somerset; there are few places I’d rather be”

This piece can be displayed outdoors. The Portland cube at the bottom is stained with coffee and then the whole sculpture sealed.

The piece looks wonderful in a garden surrounded by plants and shrubs that, during the summer, conceal the plinth, giving the impression that the sculpture is leaping out of the foliage. In winter, it becomes a focal point of the garden and so quite a feature.

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Dimensions38 × 23 × 20 cm
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