Roots & Wings visit

Roots & Wings visit

During Somerset Art Weeks we were visited by a group of children from Roots & Wings, an alternative educational facility based here in Glastonbury. They were such a lively and engaged group who enjoyed taking a look at all the work on display, including the installation about Loss by Melanie Thompson for which they wrote responses on the wall after talking about what loss meant to them. Then after a journey through the beautiful garden which was very popular, we all settled in the workshop space for a demonstration about screen printing.

The children each cut out a paper shape which we then used to create an abstract pattern under the open screen, with each of the children choosing a colour for their print. We then printed 11 different images using a mixture of the chosen colours before cutting out a second shape and choosing a second colour for the next layer which Kim did once the first layer had dried.

We spoke about what materials we were using, and the things you need to do not to make too much mess, we spoke about different colours how they blend or contrast or compliment each other. We learnt about lighter and darker colours and the effects of layering them and the subsequent new colours. And we all had a lot of fun.

The Children then had a chance to add their own layers to their images using new materials which created a whole collection of collaborations between Kim and all the children, which was very exciting and we were so thrilled to be invited to their classroom to see all their finished works.

We are looking forward to working together again in the new year.