Caroline Le Vine – Interview

Caroline Le Vine Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Abstract Expressionist Artist Vicki Have you always been an artist? Caroline No, I did A Level Art at school, then left it alone. Then in my mid 40s, I started getting into crafts. I made textiles  - a big rug and some tapestry work. Some was decorative and some more narrative, trying to tell a story with a picture, subverting the medium a little. Then I got into wire sculpture, I left some figures and some pieces out in the woods just for fun, for people to find. Two years ago, I joined an art group and continued with my wire sculptures there. I did my first exhibition in 2018 with a group in Bath, and it went really well with the sculptures. I thought, "This is exciting!". I sold stuff, I felt like a rock star! My most popular work was the

May 25th, 2020|Core Artists, HOTT, interview|

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